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Our tutors adopt a child centered method of impartation where the abilties of the Child are carefully understood in order to create a form of learning that is effecient and beneficial rather than voluminous study.this method is designed to develop the individual and social qualities of a student rather than provide a generalized information or training by way of prescribed subject matter.


Mrs. Doris Okpara

I have not met a teacher that is as professional as Mr Daniel. I was really impressed at the rapid improvement in my daughter's academics and performance in school. His teaching methods are wonderful and he is very easy to understand.

Mrs. Obaremi

Tutor orbit was recommended by a dear friend, who at that time I thought was just over hyping it, I've tried some online tutors before and they were not that great. My friend kept going on and on so I decided to give it a try, when I did, I wondered why it took me so long to. I've never seen my son so excited about home lessons before now. Tutor orbit did that for me and I'm forever grateful I decided to engage one of their tutors. Still contemplating? Well, wait no longer.

Mrs. Umeh Winifred

Looking for your money's worth? Look no further. When I came across tutor orbit, sincerely,I was skeptical at first but after just a month of engaging one of their tutors, the results were evident, my daughter had already begun to show remarkable improvement. Tutor orbit is highly recommended, they've won my trust and loyalty.