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Our Community

Tutor Orbit is an educational community that focuses on connecting potential learners with skilled tutors. Our interest is to break from the norm of formal education by providing tutors for basically anything a client may wish to learn. From Mathematics, English language and grammar structuring to phonetics, sounds and pronunciation, Software development, Professional Exams, etc. Learners from the age of 4 years can be easily signed up by their parents or wards online for sessions that will take place physically at the child/learner/tuteeā€™s comfortable home and time. We provide our clients with a variety of engaging learning processes, through one-on-one tutorial sessions, children group tutorial sessions, and adult group tutorial sessions. Our Tutors are all experts in their field of study and have been carefully and thoroughly subjected through our selection process towards sustaining our integrity as we remain the leading Private Home tutor Company in Nigeria. We are professionals and we work towards perfection.

Our Mission

To identify and maximise the potential of every learner to inspire respect and foster confidence.

To provide our clients with experts in various fields of study.

Our Vission

Promote academic excellence and high moral values.

Our Opinion

Education has evolved and you should too.